Fire Service Visit by Year 2

Date: 20th May 2015 @ 11:17am

The fire service came to visit our year 2 children and spoke to us about their job, and how to stay safe around fire. The children already had a super understanding of the job of a firefighter and said the following things...

Kayson - they risk their lives to save us and have to do lots of training
Evan -  they rescue animals
Zarina - they help people at car accidents because the cars might catch fire and the fire service might need to cut the cars to get to people inside
Amelie - they fit fire alarms to keep us safe at home
Grace - they come and talk to people at school

Children came up with some great ideas about how we can stay safe around matches and lighters...
Evan - adults should put matches and lighters away on the top of a cupboard so children can't pick them up and to keep us safe.

Harley-Mai - if we see them on the floor we should tell a grown up to move them, we never ever touch

The firefighters then told us about the importance of having working smoke alarms in our house. Lots of children said that they had smoke alarms at the top and bottom of their stairs but if you don't have them the fire service will fit them for free! If you are really luckily, they might come to fit them in their fire engine!

Reece had this super advice for everyone "we should check the batteries every week in the smoke alarms. I'm going to ask my dad if he will check them tonight."

All of the children in year 2 could confidently explain our fire drill procedure. We know not to run so we don't trip. Children know that we do a register to check no one is left in school. We could even say when school tests their fire alarm, you might have heard this on a Monday morning.

The fire fighters have reminded the children that they are not allowed to travel in cars without a car seat. Seat belts should come over children's collar bones and down to their hip bones. Without a booster seat in a collision children could hurt their necks and throats but also their tummy.

The children listened carefully to all of the advice the firefighters gave us and at the end of the session they all scored full marks on the quiz. Mrs Steeper was very proud!

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