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Date: 1st Mar 2017 @ 6:42pm

At Sheep Dip Lane Primary we value reading as a lifelong learning skill and we know how important it is to work in partnership with parents, carers and grandparents to encourage our children to develop a love of reading.

Partnership Expectations
We do lots of reading in school whether it is hearing your children read 1-1 their reading books, buddy reading, guided reading group lessons, shared reading and reading for pleasure sessions. We also help children who find the skills to become confident, fluent readers challenging with interventions and booster tuition or clubs.

We ask all our children outside of school to read at least 3 times a week. This could be their reading book, online reading on Bug Club through Oxford Owl, an age appropriate magazine, their own book or library book. Reading a range of texts is important and it helps them practice their skills.

Reading should be shared, it is best when it takes place with an adult and your child reads out loud. Talking about words in the book and their meaning as well as what is happening helps children develop their comprehension skills too. This can be done by asking them questions about the story, information, characters, events or getting them to predict what might happen next and why they think this.

Types of questions you could ask:
1) Retrieval questions, these start with: where, what, when, who, which…
2) Inference questions, they start with: Explain why, how do you know, what do you think, what might happen if, why does the author use the word…

Parents/carers should record this reading in their child’s reading diary. The date, book title, page read to and any comments about how they have done.
The time and number of pages read will vary depending on the age of your child, for example FS2 children = spend at least 5 minutes reading, KS1 children = spend at least 10 minutes reading, KS2 children = around 15-20 minutes reading. If your child is happy to read for longer than this, please encourage them to do so.

Our reading challenges:
Each class has a reading challenge chart tracking how many times they are reading, every time they reach 100 times they get an award and a free book from our school bookshop.
Each term we set new reading challenges – information about these can be found on our weekly newsletters, again there are prizes and rewards linked to these.
We look forward to hearing about all the reading our children do at home.

Thank you for your support

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