The Chocolate Story

Date: 3rd Mar 2015 @ 9:07am

Our visit to the Chocolate Story in York has inspired lots of cross curricular work.

To date we have created Scratch projects to tell the history of chocolate, created sprites and backgrounds and used the 'say' and 'think' commands. We have been programming the arrow keys on the keyboard to make our sprites move. In our final Scratch project we designed a PacMan style game where a sprite ate chocolate! We had great fun programming and playing our games.


The children in Mr Grey's class have been using their experiences to improve their literacy work. Some of their final descriptions have now been recorded, click the links at the bottom of this page.

Scratch projects


Our visit to The Chocolate Story in York

We all enjoyed an exciting and informative day at the Chocolate Story in York.

Our day started with a trip back in time first we travelled back thousands of years to the rainforests of Central America, where ancient tribes discovered the power of the mighty cocoa bean. Then to the 18th century, when the cocoa bean was embraced by York’s great Quaker families, who opened their own cocoa houses and chocolate shops. We all enjoyed tasting the chocolate during our investigation.

Next we visited the virtual chocolate factory and learned how the cocoa bean is transformed into the finest chocolate. We even made our own chocolate bar! We learned about reversible and irreversible change – melting chocolate made it a very interesting science lesson.



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