Ubunye-Zimbe Project

Date: 22nd Jun 2015 @ 2:18pm

Year 5 Children’s Comment

Ubunye-Zimbe Project


“I enjoyed the singing and the dancing because they had good expression and good moves!”
Martin Brittain

“It was amazing because I liked the singing, dancing, and the moves we did”
Josie Broadhead

“I really enjoyed speaking in a different language, and doing the dancing with Tandah. I thought it was fantastic!”
Freyya Haver

“I think it was amazing – singing and dancing in the Zulu language. I really liked Tandas singing voice!”
Keirra Haver

“I really liked singing in a different language, and the dancing was great because all the actions meant something… it was amazing!! I have never seen anyone that good at singing and dancing!”
Caitlin Abel

“It was amazing singing in South African, and the dancing was groovy!”
Sophie Oliver

“It was epic because they were Zulus and we were learning a different language!”
Denver Neale

“I enjoyed the songs that we sang because its more interesting when it’s in a different language”
Cody Stewart

“It was absolutely amazing – including the singing! We were learning what people from Africa are like – I hope they come again”
Lewis Freebury

“I enjoyed the South African culture. It gave off great vibes!”
Isabelle Parish

“I enjoyed singing in the Zulu language and I can’t wait until we perform at the festival!”
Ellie Jeffery

“I love your culture and your South African language. I realized your group has a lot of passion. Also, you have fantastic shoes. I have learnt a lot… oh I forgot, Tanda is really funny.”
Kian Mainprize

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