Year 6 Xmas Fayre

Date: 16th Dec 2014 @ 12:44am

The children in Year 6 created this blog after planning, creating, organising and running their own Children's Xmas Fayre as an enterprise project.  


It was good to make money for our school. I think we carried out a calm Christmas Fayre and made better deals. I enjoyed the morning as it was fun having goes on the stalls that we had made ourselves.


Today was amazing as we think we could have doubled last years profit.  It was a wicked morning which we had made - our class is awesome!



I thought this morning was amazing. I loved selling the buns and we sold loads.  The profit on our stall was £27.20.


What an amazing morning- everyone enjoyed being involved and having a go on each others games.  It was great fun and we are excited that we may have made a better overall profit than last year.



It was an amazing morning – we had linked our learning to real life maths and we loved it! It was really fun watching children having a go trying to win a prize and enjoying themselves.



It was a brilliant morning at our Christmas Fayre. The best part was asking the questions to our co-ordinate game that we had made up in our maths lesson this week. Fab!





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