Year 5 Tekk Challenge

‘The Wooden Wonder Bridge’ – the newest wooden bridge on the architectural market.

Our business name is ‘DJMSP Architecture’ and we specialise in the design of heavy duty wooden bridges. As our business cards state, we are an award winning company with professional and personal customer service skills in Yorkshire. We are passionate about our innovative and modernistic designs, and always fulfil our customer’s building needs.

We hope you appreciate our creation of ‘The Wooden Wonder Beast’ We have worked hard as a team, and believe this is an original design that fulfils the requirements of the Year 5 Tekk Challenge. Thank you once again for listening.

‘DJMSP’ believe that we have pulled together our skills and knowledge, to succeed with our architectural aim of producing a high quality construction. Our bridge is cost effective and good value for money. 170 lolly pops sticks ensure strength, and ‘The Wooden Wonder Beast’ is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Our most recent design is called ‘The Wooden Wonder Beast’ and consists of 170 lolly pop sticks. We chose to use triangular shapes for the sides of our bridge, to have a significant effect on the strength of our structure. Triangles are proven to be strong and inflexible making them perfect for our contemporary bridge design. Although this seems a lot, our intention was to create a robust and solid structure that will hold a vast amount of weight.