Parent Partnership

This nationally recognised award challenges schools to strengthen the work they do with parents and carers. It promotes an awareness of participation in life long learning opportunities in school and in the community for parents.

This year we will:

  • Provide parents with relevant and user friendly guidance to support their child's or children's learning.
  • Produce and implement parent friendly policies to establish effective home/school links and to improve attendance, punctuality, behaviour, progress and positive participation in school.

What you have asked for and we have actioned: 

  • Bike and scooter racks 
  • Texting service
  • Maths workshops

School places the utmost importance on the partnership between the family and the school and we are always pleased to welcome parents. The involvement, support and encouragement which parents give to their children while they are in the school has a vital role to play in the success and progress which children achieve.

We believe that the closer the links between home and school, the more it is possible to ensure the success and happiness of our children.