Safety Rules Covid 19

Following the Recent Government guidelines in November 2021 we are asking parents/carers or other visitors to school to wear a face mask when coming to the reception area.  Staff in school will be wearing face masks in communal areas and across the whole school site if this is their choice.

To protect others, all site users are asked to note the information below:

  • anyone with coronavirus symptoms should stay at home (self-isolate) and get a test 
  • please wear a face covering when coming into school (unless you are medically exempt)
  • sanitise hands if coming into school site, we have sanitising stations all around the site
  • where Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are walking to school themselves and bring phones, they must turn off their phones and keep them in a class box during the school day (these are brought into school at pupils’ own risk). Permission to bring phones will be withdrawn where this is not done. .

We realise that all of the changes may cause anxiety but we ask for your patience and that you treat staff and other site users with respect at all times.