Safety Rules Covid 19

To protect others, all site users are asked to note the information below:

  • anyone with coronavirus symptoms should stay at home (self-isolate) and get a test 
  • please wear a face covering (unless you are medically exempt)
  • only one adult per family should drop-off/collect pupils
  • ensure your child remains beside you at all times
  • maintain 2m between households 
  • we are really sorry but there will be no waiting area around the benches. 
  • the car park is closed to parents/carers due to staggered arrival times for staff 
  • please do not congregate at school gates or in the grounds 
  • only arrive at school between during allocated times 8.30-8.45 and 3.00-3.10
  • follow the one-way system, signs and staff instructions at all times
  • stay socially distanced when moving through the site
  • the school office is closed with the exception of handover of medicines at the school office or by prior appointment 
  • say goodbye to your child before you drop for their bubble
  • to minimise queues and to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, please pass on messages to classroom staff using Tapestry/Seesaw, email or phone 
  • there is no entry to school buildings for parents/carers without prior agreement 
  • bikes/scooters should not be brought onto site without prior permission 
  • children in Years 5 and 6 may walk to and from school alone so long as they follow all site rules - where they do not or are unable we require that they are accompanied by a parent/carer 
  • keeping personal items to a minimum: 
    1. pupils requiring intimate care should bring a small bag with a change of clothes/nappies, etc; we will send home any soiled clothing in a tied plastic bag 
    2. a water bottle (although we provide each child with thier own bottle, this is sterlised daily)
    3. fruit will be provided but pupils may bring a healthy snack 
    4. a small bag – no large back packs please 
    5. school reading book (in your child's ziplock wallet)
  • where Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are walking to school themselves and bring phones, they must turn off their phones and keep them in a class box during the school day (these are brought into school at pupils’ own risk). Permission to bring phones will be withdrawn where this is not done. .

We realise that all of the changes may cause anxiety but we ask for your patience and that you treat staff and other site users with respect at all times.