Breakfast Club

UPDATE - Unfortunately, we have had to close our 'Before School' breakfast club from January 2019 - Thank you to all Staff & Parents who have supported this over the years.

School are still being sponsored by Greggs, this gives us the opportunity to offer a healthy 'grab & go' breakfast or toast across the whole school, either on a morning as children arrive or during break times. 

On Tuesday 7th March 2018 staff and children welcomed a special visitor to their breakfast club. 'Hope' from Greggs charity enjoyed meeting all the staff and children and even enjoyed taking part in a game of dodgeball! Thank you to Lynne from Greggs Foundation for visiting us with Hope and a great big thank you to Moto in the community for sponsoring our school breakfast club.

The breakfast club was introduced quite simply to provide a nutritious breakfast to our children whilst promoting good attendance and punctuality in a safe environment.  There have been a number of benefits since them including improved attendance, improved behaviour, strengthening of school/parents relationship and help for parents to take on training or work amongst other benefits.  The funding from Greggs Foundation and Moto in the community has meant we can now provide this service completely free of charge to all children.  All bread is supplied completely free of charge by Greggs in Armthorpe.

The Greggs breakfast club scheme has been running since 1999 and supports over 380 breakfast clubs throughout England, Scotland and Wales, providing a nutritious start to the day for over 22,500 children.