Subject Policies are currently being reviewed 2021 - 2022

Relevant opportunities, activities and experiences are used to encourage children to acquire the skills of observing and questioning.  The children will be encouraged to observe with care and precision and with measurements where necessary.  It may include attention to texture, smell, taste and the ability to make sounds and the use of observation aids such as lenses, microscopes, video film, photographs and computers.  They will also hypothesise and be encouraged to put forward ideas that attempt to explain some change or feature.  Predicting will form another activity where children will be encouraged to put forward ideas about what may happen in the future or what will be found that has so far not been found.  A core activity will be experimenting, where the children will be encouraged to devise fair, safe and accurate tests.  Children will be taught the various ways of recording, observing and analysing their learning in science.  This work will be done through topics.

See link to scheme of work and progression of skills document.

Science Scheme of Learning and Progression of Skills